bisbrooke artisans sourdough bread

Direct from the bakery

Order in advance and then swing by our micro-bakery in Bisbrooke, Rutland to collect.

Budgens, Uppingham

Fantastic supporters of local producers. Convenient to pick up your sourdough loaves!

Tiny Bakery, Leicester

We are proud to supply sourdough to one of the finest bakeries in Leicester city!

Falcon Hotel

Served as part of the locally sourced, seasonal menu in Uppingham.

Skylark Bakery

Served at one of the other finest bakeries in Leicester city, on Clarendon Park Road!

activated charcoal marbled sourdough bread from Bisbrooke Artisans

Marquess of Exeter

Our breads are served as part of the Lyddington pub's carefully curated local menu.

Sourdough at N&C French Bakery Leicester

N&C French Bakery, Leicester

Enjoy our sourdough breads with an expert French twist at this unique Leicester cafe and bakery.

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