A year ago yesterday I left teaching to pursue a new sourdough venture with Lance.  Meanwhile Lance had left his corporate IT work and commute to London.

There was no doubt in our minds about leaving both of our secure jobs even though we couldn’t be sure of how the sourdough idea would unfold as a business. But what we did know then, I guess is something I will always come back to. And that is that there will sometimes be these momentous times in your life where the choices you make say more about who you truly are than your capabilities or talents ever will.

I came across this powerful JK Rowling quote that shows how empowering the choices we make can be.

It’s our choices Harry, that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities’

JK Rowling

And these last few days with our crowdfunding project going live and Lance’s operation very much in the back of our minds, I have found myself reflecting upon our lives and the choices we have. 

sold out at Harringworth Fete!
A selection of our breads

The crowdfunding project closes on August 7th at 2pm. Since it is an all or nothing project we have to reach our target by the 7th.  Although we have had fantastic pledges made already, Lance and I have thought about what we would do if we don’t reach the target. 

Because that’s what life is about. 
It’s about your choices you can make or which decisions you take that actually formulate your next move.  This is what gives you your motivation and freedom. JK Rowling has been there and I really find her story an inspiration and reminder to use your passions and perseverance to get to the place you know you have to be.

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