sourdough with smoked salmon

Here was a simple lunch I created. It is salmon with lemon juice, wild rocket and sprinkle of garlic and pink Himalayan salt. Of course this is served on Bisbrooke Artisans sourdough toast – our standard Village loaf.

This was a nutritious and delicious lunch in between having my hair done by my hairdresser Steve. You have to find time to look after yourself, when you run a busy small business.

He, on the other hand, opted to keep things simple. He enjoyed just butter on his sourdough toast.

Meanwhile, Miko, our Bengal cat, is not happy so Steve offers her some of his toast. But Miko turns the other way! She’s a tease really. 

Don’t feel sorry for her though as I assure you she has a bowl full of food in the kitchen. She just likes to be the star of the show, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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