Lance & Ami

Lance & Ami run a micro-bakery from their kitchen in Bisbrooke, Rutland. Lance gave up a career in IT and Ami took early retirement from teaching to follow our passion for real sourdough in 2018.

They are known for their interesting varieties of sourdoughs – including black, citrus rye, seasame and sprouted.

Ami makes a range of fresh spicy condiments, drawing on her Bangladeshi heritage. These accompany the breads and to give a new flavour experience.

Want to be a part of the rise of the Sourdough Empire?
artisan baking with Bisbrooke Artisans

A word on artisan baking​

At Bisbrooke Artisans we strive for the perfect loaf but there are a lot of variables that come into play that affects the outcome of the loaf. Temperature, humidity, hydration and quality of flour. From time to time we make small changes which can make the loaves rise higher and/or take on a different shape. That’s the great part of artisan baking. It’s always different but you can rest assured regardless of the shape and rise the flavour will always be delicious. 

Open faced sandwich with Bisbrooke Artisan sourdough bread

Serving Suggestions​

Enjoy a chunky slice of sourdough toasted with your choice of topping. The flavour of the bread is robust enough to take most toppings - experiment with spices, heat and pungent punchy flavours! When using our sourdough for sandwiches. the bread is best in slices and served open faced.

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